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What is BrightEarth’s early adopter program?

Our early adopter program gives you advanced access to the BrightEarth web app. We’re looking for professionals from a wide range of industries who are ready to use BrightEarth’s mapping solutions in ‘real world’ scenarios, before it is made available to a wider audience.  

The early adopter program - which is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and French Space Agency (CNES) - gives you access to our on-demand, AI-powered platform. You will try new features first, attend expert webinars, join a community group, and get customized support.

In return, you will be asked to contribute feedback that can help shape the product roadmap. 

Who can become a BrightEarth early adopter?

If you could benefit from cloud-based, AI-powered, 3D mapping, then your opinions are valuable to us. We’re looking for users from a wide range of industries, and professionals with differing levels of mapping experience and needs. 

We are expecting interest from users with defense, simulation, gaming, entertainment, land/urban management, navigation, risk management and telecom backgrounds. But the early adopter program is very much open to professionals from other fields too. 

We are specifically looking for users who have a clear use case for BrightEarth. We are also looking for users who are willing to provide feedback based on their experiences with the platform.  

Signing up to the early adopter program is simple

  • Register as a user of the BrightEarth platform.
  • Apply with your primary email address.
  • Complete a short screening questionnaire, providing us with information about your organization, readiness and use case. 
  • We will review your application. While most applicants will be approved, we reserve the right to disqualify any applications that are not compatible with requirements. It may take up to a month to receive your approval. 
  • Get up and running. We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to begin using the pilot BrightEarth environment. 

What do I have to do in return?

We want our early adopters to get the most out of BrightEarth.
In return, we request:

  • You use BrightEarth in line with your stated use case.
  • You provide honest, clear and adequate feedback on a periodic basis. 
  • Attending webinars or participating in the community group is encouraged, but is not mandatory. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrightEarth?

BrightEarth is a cloud-based service that allows you to automatically generate detailed maps based on the latest available satellite images, for anywhere on the planet. BrightEarth uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze satellite images and then generates map layers and insights. Features include 3D building, 3D tree and road extraction, land use/land cover (LULC), and more. Discover more about BrightEarth here.

Is the BrightEarth early adopter program free?

Yes, if you are accepted onto the early adopter program, you will be given a free license for the BrightEarth platform, for a limited time. 

How much time do I need to commit to providing feedback?

There is no set time required for early adopters to provide feedback. Of course, we value detailed, thoughtful contributions that will help improve BrightEarth (and in turn, benefit users like you). But if you are particularly busy, there is no obligation to spend large amounts of time offering feedback. That being said, if a user is unable to provide feedback, we reserve the right to end their access to the program. 

My industry/use case isn’t listed in the application form. Can I still sign up?

Yes, absolutely. We expect most interest from certain industries/professions. However, we are also very interested in hearing from mapping experts and users in other fields and new markets. 

Which countries/regions is the early adopter program open to?

We welcome users from any country/region on Earth. 

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